History of the company

 History of the company
 The co-founder of the company, Chen Chao-Chi and Huang Ting-Mu established "Shen Yuan Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd"
in 1960, engaged in manufacturing of the heat treatment furnaces. 
In 1970, Mr. Chen left Sheng Yuan Electrical Industrial Co., and established "Shin Tai Co.", and engaged in the automatic
control business, the predecessor of Avex-SG. Automation Inc.

1989  Mr. Chen Pei-Shin withdrew from the business on March, 1989 and the company was taken over by Mr. Chen Jin-Bo.
           In July, Mr. Chen Chao-Chi, the founder passed away and Sintek Enterprise was reformed on March, 1989.

1990  In 1990, Mr. Chen Jin-Bo reorganized Shin Tai Co. and Sintek Enterprise into two business units, Avex-SG Co.,
           Ltd. and Sintek-SG Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, Avex-SG is still engaged in the automatic control business and Sintek-SG
           started to make a transition to foreign electrical automation products agency business.

1992  In 1992, Sintek-SG started to distribute the control products of Yamatake and became the authorized distributor 
           of Yamatake, Japan.

1992~2000  Sintek-SG continually took over the distribution rights of TOSOKU products from Japan, Moeller products from
                     Germany, Fuji products from Japan and others. Enterprise began to do the vertical integration and gradually
                     turned to invest in the establishment of several other business units, Jereed, Sergeant and Bescool to engage 
                     in the field of pneumatic, hydraulic, PCB and other businesses respectively. Avex also began to invest in the 
                     production of the control panels for CNC machine tools.

2001~2003  In February, "Sintek-SG Co., Ltd" changed its official name to "Sintek-SG Corporation." In April of the same
                      year, "Avex-SG Co., Ltd" changed its official name to "Avex-SG Technology Inc." and moved to a new factory
                     at San-Min West Road. The System Engineering Department and the Research and Development Department
                     were established to strengthen the production of clean room air-conditioning control, the waste water treatment
                     in semiconductor processing, wafer cleaning equipment and other new fields of technology.In addition, the
                     production system knowledge  of JIT (Just in Time) and modular concept were implemented to the Mass
                     Production Department in order to strengthen  the product integration of its competitiveness and targeted
                     toward the goal of "Lean Manufacturing Program." Avex-SG had exploited a new field of success in the
                    domestic market, subcontracted the clean room air-conditioning and SCADA  monitoring engineering projects
                    of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, the new 12-inch wafer plant of Powerchip Technology,Toppan CFI and the 12-inch
                    wafer cleaning equipment and other facilities of Nanya Technology. The company had actively continued to set
                    up a production base at Shanghai in Mainland China. The production line of the pneumatic cylinders and
                    pneumatic products was setup and the System Engineering Department was also setup for the control cabinet 
                    production of the engineering projects and the CNC machine tools.

2004   Avex-SG subcontracted the electrical control system of the FPD equipment including CIM for Mitsubishi Electric.

2005   Avex-SG officially became the electrical control panel subcontractor of Daifuku.In 2006, Avex-SG Technology moved
            one step further to start manufacturing and selling liquid crystal devices in Taiwan bases on its experience and
            achievements in laser repairing field with Japanese HOYA. The FPD Equipment Business Department was
            established and actively expanding  the FPD equipment market.

2007   The FPD Equipment Business Department was spin off to establish CDT and officially started to develop and
            manufacture the equipment for the LCD and solar market.

2008   The strike of the financial tsunami caused the rapid economic slowdown and depression on the existing industries.
             It forced the company to change the runway and search for the industry fields that are not affected by the financial
             tsunami. We stepped into tire industry and Good Year provided a chance and co-operate with Rockwell Automation
             in the electrical control system for aircraft tire machine. At the same time we also subcontracted the electrical control
             panel from Samson for Pirelli and Rinaldi tire forming machines.
             * The construction preparation of the new plant at Taichung City Precision Machinery Technological Park was

2009  Due to rapid economic slowdown caused by the lingering financial tsunami, the company continued to step into the
           electrical control system of the consumer food automation equipment or machines such as packaging machines,
           shrink labeling  machines and blow molding machines.
          * The new factory at Taichung City Precision Machinery Technological Park was completed and officially moved into
             the new building on May 16.

2010  Avex-SG officially became the electrical control panel subcontractor of AKT after audited and approved by AKT. At the
          same time, we also obtained the business cooperation with Rhymebus Corporation and subcontract its inverter control
          panels. In addition, we also collaborated with the United Technology and Siti of Japan and became their electrical
          control panel subcontractors.