Company Profile

"Innovation & Transformation"
Sintek group uses "Innovation & Transformation" as our business philosophy; In order to 
show the desire of our enterprise's globalization professionalism, ability and strength, we
constantly pursuit innovating in the field of automation and control. We use our professional
to assist our clients to plan out the most appropriate solution that meet the international safety
norms standard. We share the created value-added and help our clients to enhance the
market competitiveness.
All excellent and perfect music performances are always coming from a superior conductor
 and close cooperation of the team work, it just like the operation of an enterprise,a clear vision
of goals and excellence teamwork must be provided in order to sustainable development and
continue to maintain growing sophistication.
Sintek Group's team is always having the same caution and enthusiasm to face our existing
 customers or clients that are seeking for assistance; we will take advantage of our 
professional knowledge and skills to assist our clients and provide them the best solution that
meets the international requirement or standard.

he formation of the corporate culture is developed through a long-term accumulation of the
 business philosophy. The business philosophy of the Sintek Group enterprise is adopting
 the "Open Business Models" as our operation management, emphasizing on the horizontal 
communication and the rationalization concept. Professional technical knowledge is to be
 slowly inherited from the experienced top managements or engineers to the inexperienced
 younger next generation, unceasingly to strive for the technical excellence and perfection 
in order to provide higher quality products. We believe that keeping our quality, services, 
efficiency and innovation as our basic principle, the goal of the sustainable management
 will be able to accomplish with the effort of the entire enterprise for the commitment of 
the continuous development in the professional field. A creation of a better future for the 
enterprise and the community is expected.